In the works...
I am currently working on three new books, all out in 2023 and 2024. I can't say any more about them just now, but what I can tell you is that they involve insects and trees! Watch this space!
Coming in June 2022!
My first book, 'An Identification Guide to Garden Insects of Britain and North-West Europe' is a dream project, and an incredibly exciting way to enter the world of publishing. Co-authored with award-winning nature writer, Dominic Couzens, we explore the amazing world of our common garden insects; their life-cycles, habitats and behaviour. Almost all of the photographs are mine and I have written extensively in the introductory section. We were utterly delighted to receive a glowing seal of approval from Chris Packham, who was also very taken with the Great Pied Hoverfly t-shirt I sent him! You can pre-order a copy at all major booksellers and natural history suppliers, including Bookshop, NHBS, Waterstones and Summerfield Books
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