During the winter lockdown I began drawing. Bored of the long, winter insect hiatus, and finding myself with a little time on my hands over Christmas, I bought a super-fine pigment pen and dug out an A6 sketchbook. It's a new way for me to explore the extraordinary surface microsculpture and texture of insects. These drawings are mainly constructed using individual dots, with short strokes for the hairs (setae). Each study takes around 7-10 hours to complete.

Great Pied Hoverfly (f) (Volucella pellucens L.1758)

Pied Shieldbug (Tritomegas bicolor L.1758)

Undertaker beetle (f) (Nicrophorus humator, Gleditsch 1767)

Leopard moth (Zeuzera pyrina, L.1761)

European Stag Beetle (f) (Lucanus cervus, L.1758)

Wool Carder bee (m) (Anthidium manicatum, L.1758)

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