The Large Marsh Grasshopper (Stethophyma grossum) is the UK's largest resident grasshopper species, measuring 21-36mm in length. It is also one of the rarest, restricted to small areas in the New Forest, Dorset, and is also present in parts of Ireland. It has Near Threatened status in the UK due to the vulnerability of its habitat - wet bog and marsh on heathland, which contains specialist wetland plants such as sphagnum mosses, moor-grasses and Bog Myrtle . ​​​​​​​
It is quite variable in colour, from green to brown, but besides being larger than other grasshoppers, it has a distinctive red line along the lower margin of its femora (the upper leg) and a dark mark behind the eye which easily identify it. The line between the thorax and the wing is straight. There is also a deep pink form, although this is rare. They can be seen in fully-grown, adult form for a short time between August and September.
We can protect this rare grasshopper, and other species in its community, by conserving the quaking bogs in which they live. This means keeping dogs on leads at all times when visiting delicate bogland, and keeping to main footpaths to avoid disturbing the vegetation.
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